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Portal Messaging Policy

Sending a portal message is the preferred and fastest form of communication with the office.  To avoid duplicate work for the staff, please do not use multiple forms of communication for the same message.  (i.e. Please do not send an email or leave a voicemail with the same question that was sent in a portal message.)

If you have medical questions that require physician time, you will be asked to schedule an appointment. 

To help facilitate this, we offer brief 5-15-minute phone appointments at a reduced cost of $100.  These are strictly for brief follow-up questions, to discuss routine interval lab results or to touch base between your regularly scheduled office visit follow-ups.

After Hours Urgent Messaging Policy:  

Brain Restoration Clinic physicians are not primary care physicians and do not maintain emergency hours or provide emergency care. Patients or families with a life-threatening emergency should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 


If you have an urgent matter and you are requesting that one of the physicians reach out to you regarding this portal message, an “after-hours fee” will be incurred.  The fees are based on the amount of time that is required of the physician and are as follows: 


Matters requiring up to 30 minutes of physician time = $500. 

Matters requiring 31-60 minutes of the physician’s time = $800. 

Matters requiring more than 1 hour of time or follow-up on more than one non-business day = $1,200.


If you are sending an urgent message after business hours and you agree to the above terms and fees please specify this in your portal message.  Otherwise your message will be addressed on the next business day.  

Normal business hours are defined as:  

Monday – Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.


Please note that a $100 fee will be charged for any cancellations made less than 2 business days (Monday through Thursday) prior to the scheduled appointment time.  


** For the safety of our computer system, when uploading documents, please be sure they are in PDF format. Documents in all other formats will be rejected.**

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